David Lowe - Singer

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            (Joplin High School - formerly Parkwood High School - Music & Theater Departments). 
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I was born in Joplin, Missouri.  Since my very first solo in the School Play in third grade and all the way through High School, all I ever wanted to do was sing!  

My love of pop, Broadway and country music has always been there - these are "my roots" and I hope you enjoy them.

I've had so much fun doing this project and hope you will enjoy listening to it.  Also, that it will help the people of my hometown - Joplin!

Thank you for your CD purchase and/or a contribution that will also go towards the "Bright Futures Joplin - Adopt a Classroom" (Joplin High School Music & Theater Departments) . . .

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CD: "Back to my roots" - David Lowe

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I originally recorded these songs as a surprise gift for my wonderful Mom for Mother's Day . . . a few of her favorite Willie Nelson songs, as well as a few of my favorite country/pop songs from Mary Chapin Carpenter, Trisha Yearwood and Faith Hill.

On May 22, 2011 - Joplin was hit with a devastating tornado.  Many of my friends lost their homes and loved ones.  My family was fortunate and only had minimal damage to our home.  Lots of families were not as lucky as we were.  I immediately thought - how could I help?  I had just recorded this CD as a tribute to "my roots in Joplin" - I hope you will also think it an appropriate tribute.  

All proceeds (after production & shipping costs) go to "Bright Futures Joplin - Adopt a Classroom" - specifically, the Joplin High School Music & Theater Departments.  Every little bit helps and even if this only raises a small amount - I hope it will help my hometown in some way.

After seeing the devastation in Joplin this summer and the volunteer work being done to help rebuild, I wrote a tribute song and added it to the CD (track 9) - "My hometown - a tribute to Joplin, MO".

These songs were all recorded in NYC in my apartment - me singing all the parts, playing the piano, the instruments on the computer, doing the arrangements and recording at the same time. 
A few samples from the CD:
"My hometown . . .
          a tribute to Joplin, MO"
Written by David Lowe - 2011

"Between here and gone"

"Route 66"

"King of the road"

YouTube Video for "My hometown . . ."